Home is where the ‘art is: Block Painting inspired by Jon Plapp

Colour block painting with jon plapp title page

CLICK HERE for instructions to Colour Block Painting with Jon Plapp

Jeremiah masking off the canvas
Cassandra taping up
Cassandra masking off the canvas
Cassandra painting
Cassandra carefully painting
Cassandra and Jeremiah Painitng
Jeremiah and Cassandra Stott hard at work
Jeremiah Finished painting
Jeremiah’s painting
Cassandra finished painting
Cassandras painting
Cassandra and Jeremiah finished works
Jeremiah and Cassandra Stott finished block painting




Portal 2020 online exhibition

portal title for blog 2020

PORTAL enters us into the many moments that make up our lives on the North West of Tasmania. 

Portal 2020 continues a tradition of creating a photographic exhibition by local contributors from across the North West. The aim of Portal is to capture glimpses of experiences on a particular day on the North West of Tasmania. This year the capture day was set for Saturday 2 May.

The Portal exhibition has occurred annually since 2013. It is an exhibition that resonates with our community as it is generated by local community members, telling their stories which are similarly experienced by many who live in the North-West region.

Portal 2020 is unique in representing the current strange situation we find ourselves in – where lives are spent in isolation during a worldwide pandemic. Many of the of images demonstrate a profound appreciation of natural beauty, with photographs of landscape, seascape and sky featuring prominently throughout the exhibition. This appreciation for the beauty of the natural world around us is perhaps heightened for many, as we find ourselves confined to our homes. There are also snapshots into people’s lives in their homes, currently existing in isolation. It is interesting to see how this ‘time out’ has given many of us the chance to take a step back, slow down and gain a fresh perspective of what we have around us. This value and appreciation for home and place can be clearly seen in the following images…


danielle O'Brien
Danielle May O’Brien, Spirit of the Sea walkway, off Aikenhead Point, Devonport 5.24pm.
Emma Jones-Macuacua
Emma Jones-Macuacua
Evelyn Antonysen Spaceship landing Buttons Beach West
Evelyn Antonysen. “Walk From Home”. Buttons Beach West. During COVID lockdowns I started a Facebook page “Walks from Home” to encourage people to enjoy and wonder at the beauty of their own space and not yearn to venture further. My image is part of my “Walk from home” on 2nd May 2019.
Jan Larcombe
Jan Larcombe. “Isolation”. Coles Beach. Coastal life has been so different for us all this year and having decided to self isolate since March 21st, I have been exploring ways to record this experience. Walking daily along Coles Beach gives me a sense of being contained yet visible, alive yet disconnected in a time of uncertainty while being grounded in a timeless place. It feels as though nothing should have changed, yet reality of daily life shows otherwise. The glass bowl as a visual metaphor for isolation has us located onsite, visually connected yet removed and interrupted from our usual interactions with place, family and friends.
Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater, Taken from Foster street, Railton, near Railton Primary School 4.54pm. A bank of clouds hanging heavy above the hills with wisps of bright sunlit cloud rising behind the trees. Staying Home and Staying Local means I’m spending much more time walking around my immediate local area, normally on weekends I would take the opportunity to travel to a reserve, beach or different environment but that’s not currently possible, so I’m spending more time looking at what’s happening here.
kerrie Shurley
Kerrie Shurley. “A Blaze of Glory”. Taken from my front yard looking out over Ulverstone and the Dial Range. I feel like it’s the day going out in a blaze of glory.
Anon. Arboretum
Annie Thurlow. 
Catching the last of the autumn colours at the Devonport Arboretum.
Phil Dickinson
Phil Dickinson, Sheffield 3pm. It’s eerily quiet in Sheffield with the parks and playgrounds closed. Mount Roland, however, stands uncaring and oblivious to the pandemic.
Bruce Cameron
Bruce Cameron. “History”. Photo taken at 11.29am.
Wendy Cameron
Wendy Cameron. “Afternoon Light”. Photo taken on the Don reserve track. Saturday May 2nd at 4:52pm
Valerie Hine
Valerie Hine. “Autumn Splendour”. Dell Luck Reserve 2.55pm. Taken with my iPhone at the Dell Luck Reserve where I park regularly when exercising around the Don River. Although it was a very cold day on Saturday there were plenty of adults and children about enjoying the scenic walk and beautiful colours of autumn.
Steve Bradley
Steve Bradley. Ridgley Highway Morreville Burnie. The inspiration for the photo was that the tough restrictions that our region in the North West have had in place for the last 3 weeks were coming to an end at midnight Sunday. So I thought this photo gives people hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Peggy Hanlon
Peggy Hanlon. Squeaking Point. Taken at 11.01am Saturday 2nd May 2020. I captured these lovely fungi on my daily walk at Squeaking Point.
Karla Robinson
Karla Robinson. “Wilderness magic” Wilmot 10.10am.
Gerard Ennis Iso at Home
Gerard Enniss. “Iso at home”.  Chores never go away but help create normality in this uncertain world of COVID-19.
Li Ennis
Anon. Hawley Beach at home 12.46pm. Sent this photo to my sister (hairdresser) to show her my current hair colour so we could plan our next appointment…one day (hopefully!) soon!
Kylie Lunson
Kylie Lunson. Children learning how to play Chinese Checkers during COVID-19 isolation.
Liam Vayne
Liam Vayne, Penguin. My photo was taken of these Parrots (I think they are Rainbow) sitting in our apple tree. They have been eating our apples.

The Clay Carving project

clay carving title page for blog 2

When the virus struck and the gallery had to close its doors, the participants of the galleries creative programs such as Youth Arts and Create and Make, received some art materials packages delivered to their door to be able to continue their art classes from isolation. For their third project they received a block of leather-hard clay for carving. This was a challenging project that introduced participants to working with 3D forms using the subtraction method. Participants used their own tools found at home to carve  away their clay blocks to create a three dimensional object.  See below for the project details and instructions and the following participant results…

CLICK HERE for instructions to Clay Carving project


Jeremiah Stott in action
Jeremiah Stott carving in action
Cassandra-Stott-patiently carving
Cassandra Stott patiently carving
Jeremiah and Cassandra Stott carving their clay
Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott using objects as a reference for their work
Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott clay carving finished pieces
Jeremiah and Cassandra Stott finished pieces

Home is where the art is: Nature’s Paintbrushes

natures paintbrushes title page with my paintbrushCLICK HERE for Natures Paintbrushes activity instructions


Cassandra and Jeremiah collecting materials
Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott collecting materials
cassandra and jeremiah collecting materials 3
Cassandra and Jeremiah enjoying some time outside
cassandra and jeremiah collecting mateirals 4
Cassandra and Jeremiah gathering materials
cassandra and jeremiah collecting materials 2
Cassandra and Jeremiah collected materials
cassandra and jeremiah sorting the collection
Cassandra and Jeremiah’s sorting their collected materials
cassandra and jeremiah paintbrushes
Completed paintbrushes Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott
cassandra painting
Cassandra trying out one of her paintbrushes
jeremiah painting
Jeremiah experimenting with his paintbrushes
cassandra painting 2
Cassandra painting
cassandra and jeremiah painting 2
Cassandra and Jeremiah creation in action
cassandra and jeremiah finished paintings
Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott. Finished Natures’ Paintbrushes paintings

Home is where the ‘art is. Home Sweet Home Project

Home Sweet Home Project title pageCLICK HERE for instructions for Home Sweet Home Project

Some participant creations…

Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott Home Sweet Home 1
Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott
Cassandrah and Jeremiah stott home sweet home 2
Cassandra and Jeremiah Stott
cassandrah and Jeremiah Stott home sweet home in action 1
Jeremiah hard at work
cassandrah and Jeremiah Stott home sweet home in action 3
Cassandra enjoying the messy Paper Mache
Ezra and Anais Jones-Macuacua Home Sweet Home 2
Ezra and Anais Jones-Macuacua
Ezra and Anais Jones-Macuacua Home Sweet Home 3
Ezra and Anais Jones-Macuacua
Ezra and Anais Jones-Macuacua
Ezra and Anais Jones-Macuacua
Jade Danielle and Amber Kroon Home Sweet Home
Jade, Danielle and Amber Kroon
Mason Harris 14 Home Sweet Home
Mason Harris
Oscar Astell 2 Home Sweet Home
Oscar Astell